I’m a musician, composer and producer from London. As well as composing music for screen and radio, I also sing & play various instruments in the band Summer Camp with Elizabeth Sankey. Before that, I recorded two solo albums on Transgressive Records.

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Composition credits:

LE FOU ROUX (dir. Justin Edgar, 2016) Short film Original score
WASH CLUB (2016) Short film Original score
PARTY TRAP (2016) Theatre Original score More info
FISH STORY (Loop, 2016) Documentary short Original score
THE ASTRONAUT (Pulse Films, 2016) Short film Original score
FIRST (Mixtape Productions, 2016) Short film Original score  Now showing at Manchester Art Gallery. Trailer
SECURE STORAGE (2016) Short film Original score, sound mix
JALOPY (Minskworks/Excalibur, 2016) PC game Original score Click here to view on Steam
SAMPUR (CPA, 2016) Documentary short Original score Click here to watch on Vimeo.
FEAR ITSELF (premiered on BBC iPlayer 2015) Feature film / documentary Original score Click here to watch on iPlayer (UK only).
THE OTHER (ABC, 2015) Radio piece Original score Click here to watch.
BEYOND CLUELESS (SXSW 2014, available on Netflix) Feature film / documentary Original score Watch it on Netflix. Or watch the trailer.
SHORT CUTS (BBC Radio 4, 2013-2016) – Nominated for Best Speech Programme at the Radio Academy Awards 2014 Radio piece Original score Here’s a SoundCloud playlist of the episodes I contributed to.
SHADOWPLAY (BBC Radio 3 2013) Radio piece Original Score More information.
FOREVER YOUNG (BBC Radio 4, 2013) Radio piece Composed ‘documentary song’ (as Summer Camp)
CHILD OF ARDOYNE (BBC Radio 3, 2012 – Gold, Best News Feature at the Radio Academy Wards 2012) Radio piece Additional sound design


Discography (all available on iTunes, Spotify, etc):

Summer Camp LP: BAD LOVE (Moshi Moshi, 2015) Co-writing, performing, co-production, mixing
Emperor Yes LP: AN ISLAND CALLED EARTH (Alcopop! 2014) Co-production with the band.
Summer Camp LP: SUMMER CAMP (Moshi Moshi, 2013) Co-writing, performing, co-production (with Stephen Street).
Summer Camp LP: WELCOME TO CONDALE (Moshi Moshi, 2011) Co-writing, performing, co-production (with Steve Mackey).
Jeremy Warmsley LP: HOW WE BECAME (Transgressive 2008) Writing, performing, co-production (with Markus Dravs).
Jeremy Warmsley LP: THE ART OF FICTION (Transgressive 2006) Everything.